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Welcome to PE`s News Reports!
Here we feature recent important milestones or changes. Enjoy!

100% environmentally friendly
  • minimizes the environmental impact of producing, packaging, transporting, using and disposing of traditional cleaning chemicals.
  • begins as water and ends as water
  • uses 70% less water than conventional scrubbing methods
Simple, efficient, cost effective
  • is as, or more effective, than conventional chemical-based methods.
  • ech2o helps reduce cost by eliminating the need to buy a general purpose cleaner.
  • virtually eliminates time required for chemical handling, mixing, and usage training.
  • maximize productivity by increasing scrub times and reducing fill and drain time.
  • eliminates the need to purchase expensive general purpose cleaning chemicals
  • dries faster
  • protects user safety by reducing health issues associated with harsh cleaning chemicals; no touching, breathing, splashing, or disposing of chemicals.
  • greatly reduces slippery cleaning detergent residue and the risk of slip and fall accidents.

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