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Uses for Ionized Water

Uses for Ionized Water

the best uses for ionized water at the different pH settings
Alkaline Effect

Concentrate! The Alkaline Effect

Drink alkaline water instead of non-alkaline
Ionized acidic water

Ionized acidic water

it’s time to upgrade! Ionized acidic water can do wonders around the house
Alkaline health

Alkaline health = Personal wealth!

So what happens to the body when it ISN’T alkaline?

Water Ionizer Certificates.

Certificates from PE

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PE Business Opportunities

Welcome to PE!

Everything we do is inspired by our enduring Mission:

  • To provide better health and education
  • To inspire self help (financial independence)
  • To always create and make a positive difference

Because of this, we have created "PE Opportunities" to help evangelize health, vitality, and wellness through others who want to share in this mission.

There are three programs we offer which include financial incentive for your time and efforts. Join the best and most reliable in the industry.

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Why Choose PE water ionizer ?

Four simple words:
What sets us apart is our track record in the industry, our customer service and the quality of product as well as top & newest technology

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water ionizers PE-1A

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Our ionizers will outperform the competition no matter the size, number of plates, power - or price. We 100% guarantee it!


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PE-1A 7 or 9 Plates Water Ionizer

PE-1A 7 or 9 Plates Water Ionizer
  • Apple Design
  • Ultimate in Features
  • Premium Filtration
  • 7 or 9 Plates of Power

PE Alkaline water flask

PE Alkaline water flask
  • Materials from South Korea
  • 316 Food Grade Stainless steel
  • Potential PH & ORP
  • Hot sale
  • Enjoy the PH water anywhere
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